alquiler y reparacion bicicletas alaior menorca2 In our workshop we work hard to ensure that all our customers have the very best possible service. If you wish, you can book a "Bike fitting Test" appointment where the coordination of the important points takes place in order to obtain the best performance and comfort, essential to avoiding injuries.

The "bike fitting" is a system of computer measurements that seeks the correct position of the cyclist on the bicycle taken from each individual's size and build, the height of the handlebars etc..and in general it is the correct adjustment of the bicycle that greatly influences the comfort and efficiency in the practice of this sport. "Bike fitting" is advisable for all, both experts and casual riders alike, that seek to improve their performance, with small technical adjustments. Even beginners can benefit by understanding the correct size of bike required.

Additionally, in our workshop we have experts in the repair or electric bicycles and can also offer a cleaning service made with the special care required.